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Wyoming Wild Rags is our specialty!

A.k.a. Cowboy Silk Scarves, which we've been making right here in Wyoming for the past 30+ years. Covey of Quail offers silk scarves with the most unusual, largest variety in prints, styles, sizes and colors available. The absolute best anywhere! We promise!

Also check out our western vintage or modern look in shirts and vests. Only natural fibers of silk, wool, linen and cotton comprise every garment we make including the linings!

We also offer online shopping for the best concealed carry vests around by Coronado Leather and Scheafer Outfitter wool products.

Our Motto: "all silk is not created equal."


Wild Rags

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  Wyoming Wild Rags
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• Western silk shirts, wool and/or silk vests and cowboy scarves or "cowboy wild rags" represent our signature products.

• Our "Wyoming Wild Rags" are not what you see most anywhere else. Our Quality is unmatched!

• Companies may say they use the "finest" silk - but we tell you here - what it is that makes our specialty scarves and garments truly superior!

• We carry top quality Coronado Concealed Carry Vests.

• We carry Schaefer Wool Products.

• We offer designer jeans.


Wyoming Silk Scarves